Piazza Velasca

Rhapsody in blue: The common aesthetic denominator of the interiors that we present in this tale is pure and blue. Able to create the most different atmospheres, to confer an identity note to the domestic landscape.

Barbablu BA


A result of the careful research on the free-form, the Felix seating system focuses on an interplay of curves and of marked and light strokes. Felix is available both in the traditional sofa option and as an opportunity to reflect on the sofa as a space to be lived and shared. Felix is the expression of a young and contemporary spirit.

The thickness of the back, together with the addition of a chaise-longue element are an invitation to live it in different ways, depending on the number of guests, their needs, or the time of the day. A system that offers a new concept of comfort and that redesigns the living room landscape.

Leather: NK Premium Nubuck Rust.

Barbablu BA

An armchair designed to encourage thinking and meditation. With its enveloping and inviting shape, the relax armchair Barbablu helps to create a private area suggesting a feeling of privacy and fostering the concentration whether for home, lounge or working places.

Leather: 3M Verde.
Leather: 3M Blu.

Produced with full grain leather, the almost 4mm thickness guarantees the product will last long time. The surface has extraordinary natural marks of the life of the animal. Strong and warm touch.

Curved birch wooden structure and non-deformable foam rubber padding with Dacron covering.