Via Senato

From the inside, the space opens up to the viewer with great emotion, a soft sculpture penetrated on the thick concrete walls by deep monolithic incisions, as if carved in stone.  Solutions that never slip into excess, in a stylistic code in the name of modern elegance. Placed within a coherent palette, contrasting materials and shapes are juxtaposed, the space is bordered by large iron beams such as ceilings and textured wooden floors, while the geometric windows leave open the dialogue between the inside and the outside.



Falkor a system characterized by a marked contrast given by the formal rigor of the body, contrasted with the soft and welcoming volumes of the internal cushions. Crushproof foam rubber upholsteries with resinated Dacron covering. Feather cushions with non-deformable rubber insert. Optional feather pillows

Born by contaminating conventional sofa proportions with a free and casual lifestyle that is mirrored by highly versatile and cosy layouts in its more accentuated depth.

This system comes in modular, corner, terminal elements with one armrest and pouf. These elements are used to create traditional sofas, chaise longue, corner compositions and island elements that provide a 360° seating proposal. Falkor becomes a meeting place, a welcoming refuge where people can relax. 

Leather: ST Premium Soft Touch Leather ST 501


Concorde is certainly a piece with a unique design. The individual shells are covered with leather such as to individually adapt to the shape of the body and ensure maximum seating comfort.

While lying comfortably and with fingers just brushing two buttons underneath the seat, the owner of this chaise longue can adjust the reclining seat until the most comfortable position thanks to the electric motor hidden inside. 

Leather: 3M/A Seppia.

The structure of Concorde chaise longue is in steel with the shells made of birch shaped wood, non deformable foam rubber upholsteries with Dacron covering, the base is covered in leather.