Via dei Chiostri

We believe there is a lot of beauty in the contrasts, the rigorous geometries of the walls and ceiling characterized by a light, neutral palette, compare with the soft, oversized and colored curves of the furnishings and Mascheroni materials. Everything travels in perfect balance between craftsmanship, art and design, contemporary research and classic pieces created more than twenty years ago. In this way, a continuous interplay between past and present takes shape and each object has a story and a precise reason.

Piccadilly L
San Lorenzo

Piccadilly L

Over the years Piccadilly has been able to become an icon, a perfect interpreter of living in traditional contexts but also in more modern spaces, thanks to its timeless aesthetics, new proportions and the wide range of coverings offered.

A system capable of evolving by adapting to the functional needs of contemporary living, which ascribe to the living room a multiplicity of functions, such as resting, receiving, working.

Beyond the preciousness of each object and its price, it is precisely on the meticulousness of the gestures, on the time necessary to learn them and transmit them that we want to focus our attention, about the impeccable capitonnée workmanship, the springing obtained with biconical springs tied by hand and rested on jute straps, the vegetable horsehair of the backrest and armrest padding is modeled by hand, and finally about the supporting structure made of solid wood.

Mascheroni's philosophy has always remained faithful to two points: Quality and Time. For us, quality means having each product made by only one craftsman. This derives from the idea that an object has less soul the more people participate in its creation.

Pelle: NK Magnesium

Nabuck Mascheroni, whole bovine leathers thickness 1.1 - 1.3 chrome tanned, dyed in through aniline and finally protected with 3M Scotchgard hydro and oil repellent products. A leather that arises from the need to offer an extremely soft material, deriving from that already widely used in the world of fashion and leather goods.

San Lorenzo

A luxurious, tailored accessory, fully padded and covered in leather. The irregular texture on the surface gives movement and gives the object a singular dynamism that recalls the numerous light trails that pierce the sky on the San Lorenzo night. (St. Lawrence night of the shooting stars.)

Only the cushion seat remains smooth. The color and material of the decoration can be made tone-on-tone or in contrast, choosing from the wide range of exclusive Mascheroni leathers, the San Lorenzo pouf thus opens up infinite possibilities for customization.

The structure of the San Lorenzo poufs is in curved birch and poplar. The seat padding is in non-deformable rubber with Dacron coating.

Pelle: CV Muschio

The Cuoietto Vegetale leather Mascheroni is a constantly changing material that adapts and adapts to every external solicitation, creating always different color nuances. in order to achieve the shiny effect that distinguishes this bovine leather of European origin, with a thickness of 2.2 mm, a totally natural vegetable oil is applied to the surface which is absorbed into the fibers of the leather and thanks to the high temperature returns to the surface and leaves the leather shiny. Dyeing this particular type of leather with multiple colors is the secret, so as to produce a similar three-dimensional effect and a feeling of depth given by the different degree of absorption of the colored pigments.